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We have introduced Total Rugby League Premium in recognition of the changing way in which readers want to access the news and features we regularly publish on our website, in our weekly print newspaper League Express and our monthly print magazine Rugby League World.

We appreciate that in the ever-expanding world of Rugby League, our print titles are not easy to obtain for readers living outside the United Kingdom (or even in some areas within the UK) and can be quite expensive when delivery costs are included, along with the inevitable delay in receiving them through the postal system, particularly for those living overseas.

We have published stand-alone digital editions of League Express and Rugby League World for many years, and these will continue to be available, featuring all the content of the print editions in a format that can be read on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

However, our readers have always wanted us to publish more of our premier print and digital content here on too, and although we would love to share our content as widely as possible online, we simply cannot afford to give it all away for free.

As the UK’s longest-established independent dedicated Rugby League publisher, we rely on the income we generate from sales of our print and digital titles to pay our journalists and feature writers to create the fantastic content which keeps our readers informed and entertained throughout the year.

To share their content with you online via, and to add some additional exclusive content to the website too, we need to ensure we can continue to generate income to pay those who create it.

We believe in supporting quality journalism, and we believe our readers do too.

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