EVA Online Presents: Synesthesia #009

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EVA (Eternal Virtual Ascension) (on Discord, announcements via twitter) is a neo-rave record label / community of artists and creators; the community was born on the Internet and is constantly evolving with the collective itself.

Synesthesia is the name of EVA’s URL festivals; Synesthesia #009 this was the ninth installment of our festival series.

tenshi3:10PM CST
ghostmemory5:00PM CST
Dodriodo5:40PM CST
Bushmaster7:10PM CST
mercury.lamp8:00PM CST
taffa9:00PM CST
Skull System10:10PM CST
???????? (netsylph)11:20PM CST


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Virtual / Mixed Reality GMod DJ Set
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I did this set entirely in VR and never took my HMD off for any bit of it. The game may look like VRChat but it’s actually Garry’s Mod with VRMod, which gives this 15+ year-old game VR support. I wrote a gamemode called STREAMSTAGE to accomodate streaming audio to all users in the server so every in the club experiences the music together.

Unlike my previous Streamstage events, this time I taped a GoPro to my head and fed the video stream into my HMD. Doing so I was able to coordinate my hand movements to control the DJ controller on the piano stand in front of me. You can see the exact feed from the GoPro in the upper right hand corner of the video screen. The orange-y color is from an OBS filter I applied to it but that’s exactly what I saw in the Quest. It was a little difficult to check my phone (for instance) but it all worked well in the end. This creates a fairly seamless AR / VR DJ experience, assuming you have enough USB ports to do all this bullshit.

The Mixxx feed (the DJ software I use) also was piped into the headset so I could select and cue tracks in real time. Any time you see me stare into the middle-distance or a little above my controller during the set I’m cueing the next track or checking audio levels. Instead of Quest audio (which can be nightmarish sometimes) I plugged a pair of headphones into the 3.5mm jack on the front of my computer and used those as my cues, while my room speakers (connected to a USB audio interface coming from the PC) played the game audio which was captured in the final render. This eliminated the latency problems I’ve experienced in previous sets, and let me move in-time with what everyone in the server (and everyone in the stream) saw!

I’m so glad we had a bunch of people log on to the GMod server! I honestly didn’t expect so many friends in game, since this was part of a bigger event which mostly played out on Twitch.

  1. SHSTR - Exodus
  2. Moris Blak - Hereditary
  3. Unholy - Ego Sum Deus
  5. Garçons - Tartarus
  6. Gesaffelstein - Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Rmx)
  7. GasteL - Rene
  8. Pedestrian Tactics - Kernel Panic
  10. Masayoshi Iimori - Flow
  11. Expulze - Mind Control (Original Mix)
  12. DJ Sharpnel - TOKI-MEKI GABBAREAL (tanigon)
  13. Boy 8-Bit - Fogbank
  14. Apashe;INSTASAMKA - Uebok (feat. Instasamka) (Russian Jump Up Mafia)
  15. Trance Generator - Chaos (The Yofridiz Remix)
  16. S3RL - Doof Doof Untz Untz (Weaver Remix)
  17. Shaun Baker/Seaside Clubbers - DUP DUP (Danceboy German Remix)
  18. East Clubbers - East Clubbers - Drop
  19. MALIXE - All Is None
  20. Nhato - Forbidden Souls
  21. Shifter Feat. S3RL - Hardcore Is The Place
  22. SHSTR - Destroy The Creator
  23. Minamotoya - Alpenglow


Garry’s Mod DJ Set
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Bushmaster has a long history of playing events with me (way back to our early IRL parties) and STREAMSTAGE is no exception. His set was done remotely from his apartment and streamed a few hundred miles to my server. He even streamed his handcam (which I applied a healthy, purple edge-detect filter over) which you can see in the final render in the top left.


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Skull System

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???????? (netsylph)

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