DJR3's Homepage

I’m DJR3, welcome to my website; I stream sometimes on my Twitch channel or on Club Howler, a virtual club I programmed. I play DJ sets online when I have the chance. In addition to Twitch I also use Twitter a bit.

I like rhythm games a lot; I am very bad at IIDX but it’s probably my favorite.

I have a wide variety of musical interests and I love incorporating them into the music I write and the sets I play. Lately I have only composed short things (i.e. 8- or 16-bar beats) but I hope to produce a full EP someday!

I also write software and keep a journal under the name Prettyboy-Yumi on a separate, more active website. This site is mostly an archive of sets and stuff.

Article Index

Here is a list of articles I have written (mostly documenting DJ sets and gigs I have played):


EVA Online Presents: Synesthesia #009
[Streamstage] Dec.11.2020.GMod.VR.DJ
STREAMSTAGE Virtual-Reality Audiovisual Experience
EVA Online Presents: Synesthesia #002
[Week 3] Club Howler Virtual Rave & TTT
[Week 2] Club Howler Virtual Rave & TTT
End of Howler: One More Final: Thank You
DECENNIUM 202X: New Year's Eve Event
Subsystem 20XX
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