DJR3's Homepage

I’m DJR3 and this is my website; I stream regularly on my Twitch channel, mostly rhythm games but sometimes I will do a DJ set or play a few arcade games when I have the chance. In addition to Twitch, I also use Twitter (though somewhat infrequently now).

I have a wide variety of musical interests and I love incorporating them into the music I write and the sets I play. Lately I have only composed short (i.e. 8- or 16-bar beats) but I hope to produce a full EP someday! I am active with the 4FTERLIFE_ONLINE Internet community, which draws inspiration from underground 2000’s rave culture and Y2K esthetics.

I also write software and keep a journal under the name Prettyboy-Yumi on a separate website.

Article Index

Here is a list of articles I have written (mostly documenting DJ sets and gigs I have played):


DECENNIUM 202X: New Year's Eve Event
Subsystem 20XX